Bingo Generator

launched on 11.28.2010

Motives & Features

Designed for a LiveJournal usage.

Requested by Ana, primarily for landcomm usage.
main features:
- List randomizer
- Generate X and Z names per update (with ability to get raw output)
- Generate HTML code for the updates, with alphabetized names


Paste the list to be randomized
Specify how many names you want to appear for each updates.
Alexander Khasinau
Andrian Lazarey
Anna Espinosa
Arvin Sloane
Dr. Zhang Lee
Elena Derevko
Emily Sloane
Eric Weiss
FBI Assistant Director Kendall
Francie Calfo
Gordon Dean
Irina Derevko
Isabelle Vaughn
Jack Bristow
Julian Sark
Katya Derevko
Kelly Peyton
Lauren Reed
Marcus Dixon
Marshall Flinkman
McKenas Cole
Michael Vaughn
Milo Rambaldi
Nadia Santos
Rachel Gibson
Renée Rienne
Sydney Bristow
Thomas Grace
Will Tippin
output: (5 per updates)
Update #1: Andrian Lazarey, Arvin Sloane, FBI Assistant Director Kendall, McKenas Cole, Nadia Santos
Update #2: Anna Espinosa, Irina Derevko, Julian Sark, Katya Derevko, Marshall Flinkman
Update #3: Jack Bristow, Lauren Reed, Milo Rambaldi, Renée Rienne, Will Tippin
Update #4: Elena Derevko, Emily Sloane, Eric Weiss, Marcus Dixon, Rachel Gibson
Update #5: Dr. Zhang Lee, Francie Calfo, Gordon Dean, Kelly Peyton, Michael Vaughn
Update #6: Alexander Khasinau, Isabelle Vaughn, Sydney Bristow, Thomas Grace

Suggestions & Feedbacks

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this script, you are more than welcome to leave me a comment on this post at my livejournal community. I'll try to answer you as soon as I can.
Suggestions and improvements are also welcome. If you have a brillant idea you'd looove me implement as a new feature, please share!